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/DRM designs sport luxury clothing made in Italy. The brand is specialized in outerwear and aims to meet the needs of a man who is attentive to the quality, style and performance of the garments he wears. Design, Research and Manufacture are the three key concepts of the brand philosophy, expressed in the acronym that makes up the brand name: 

Style (Classicism and technicality for a product that can be defined SPORT DELUXE) 

Performances (high quality and high performances fabrics, for a product that fulfills the needs of comfort and practicality that the current lifestyle requires) 

Quality (finishing and attention to detail and personalization, for a timeless, clean and minimal product)


FACTORY was born in Fucecchio (FI) in November 2008 from the idea of Ferrero Rosati. Rosati, after having founded Santacroce, a leading company in the production of leather goods, later acquired by the Prada group, decides to embark on a new entrepreneurial adventure that in a short time becomes one of the most important production companies in the national territory. 

In addition to producing high-level brands with indisputable successes, the company creates its own brand, DROMe for women, which gives the input to create the current men’s DRM line in 2019.

DRM uses only tuscan laboratories for product manufacturing. Our philosophy is to support and protect the Italian supply chain, unique in the world for quality and craftsmanship. 

All processes are subject to constant controls by highly qualified personnel to guarantee the highest quality. Our in-house modeling deeply tests all garments to obtain the maximum comfort and exclusive fitting. All components and materials used in DRM manufacturing, come from certified Italian companies.

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